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Annual Meeting and Futuring Update

After the service, on January 29th, our congregation will gather for our Annual Meeting. Along with the usual discussion around the budget, the Futuring Team will report on the progress they have made since last January’s Annual Meeting, when they were appointed. They will also present several possible models of pastoral leadership for congregational input and discussion.

When Parkway UCC and Robbinsdale UCC consolidated in September, 2019, we decided to set aside $125,000 from the sale of the Parkway building to supplement ministerial salaries and guarantee two full time pastor positions for four years. At the end of that time, if the church could not support two full time pastors, we would not ‘fire’ one pastor and keep the other. We unanimously agreed that this would best strengthen and preserve the unity of our church.

We are now entering the last year of the four year salary-supplement, and we do not have enough budgeted income to support two full time pastors. The Futuring Team has solicited congregational input during summer bonfires and at meals after church on Youth Mission Sunday and Stewardship Sunday. They have created several possible models for pastoral leadership going forward.

During the Annual Meeting, these models will be presented for discussion. The congregation will discuss the ‘pros and cons’ of these possibilities and decide which ones to pursue as well as any that may be dropped. All input is welcome! The Futuring Team will continue to research and refine the models that the congregation directs them to pursue, and any additional possibilities may be added. We will continue to welcome comments and suggestions, and after a few months of further research we will call for another Congregational Meeting in the Spring.

We expect that at that time the congregation will prioritize our options even further, and after implementing congregational suggestions, we may be ready for a congregational vote at our Annual Meeting in June.

After last January’s congregational decision to form a Futuring Team, the Church Council was diligent in choosing people with diverse representation.

These members of the Futuring Team welcome your input at any time. We appreciate your suggestions as we move into our new future!

Ray Caron Jim Puffer- Co-Chair

Tracey Fluegel Dianne Star

Carolyn Hendel Ashley Sukhu – Co-Chair

Greg Merz Heidi Waterhouse


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