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Summary of Council

Meeting - 12/20/22

Here is a brief summary of the RPUCC Council meeting held 12/20/22. If you would like a full version of the notes, please let Ken Beck know and they will be emailed to you (SheriKenBeck@yahoo. com).

  • We are in the process of leaning up our Facebook groups. Some have been inactive for quite some time. We will maintain 1 public Facebook page, 1 private Facebook group, and we will maintain our Twitter account.

    • Our new web site will automatically post new content to Facebook and Twitter.

    • Let T Michael or Kathy know if you are interested in helping to maintain our Twitter account.

  • Kathy Itzin and Jerry Stone will form an RPUCC Safety Committee. They will formulate plans for fire drills, active shooter drills, etc. Contact

    • Kathy or Jerry if you are interested in joining or informing this committee.

  • $5,800 from the 2022 endowment interest will be spent in updating the kitchen’s fire suppression system and other upgrades to make it a commercial-grade kitchen.

  • The Council approved bylaw changes to be brought to the congregation in January. These changes would break up our current Property and Finance Committee into two separate committees and would form a Hospitality Committee.

  • RPUCC will host the MN Conference’s “Covenant Days” on Saturday, February 4th. All are welcome to attend. Find more information, a list of workshops, and register using this link.

  • Sign up for the August Pine Ridge trip. Talk to Ken Beck or T Michael Rock if you are interested in going. Friday, Aug 4th – Saturday, Aug 12th.


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